Casinos Type

Once you want to gamble your money away, you have to decide what type of casinos is best for you. There are multiple offerings with some of the key online gambling giants being present on several of them.

Online Casinos

Online casinos are web-based platforms allowing any registered user to log in and participate in one of the multiple casino games offered. Online casino sites have democratized gambling and made it available to everybody, everywhere.

Mobile Casinos

Mobile casino apps are smartphone applications available on Android and iOS platforms that allow registered players to play casino games with real money.

Whilst mobile casinos are very convenient to play slots during your commute to work, the small screens tend to prevent them from being used for other games. Playing poker or craps on a smartphone is just not the same experience.

Live Dealer Casinos

live dealer casino is an online casino platform that allows players to see a real human dealer via a broadcast live stream of the table. These are the closest thing you can get to a real casino experience at home, especially with games like live dealer blackjack.

The main issue with online live dealer casinos is that the yare as slow as land-based casino dealers since they are just that. Fully online alternatives automatically shuffle cards and count chips within a few milliseconds so you end up playing more hands.

Crypto Casinos

Cryptocurrency casinos are online casinos which accept cryptocurrencies as deposit and withdrawal methods. Generally, Bitcoin is the most common cryptocurrency used on gambling platforms.

Because cryptocurrencies are still in a gray area legally, it is difficult to find legal crypto casinos, if at all. Additionally, because blockchain-based currencies are paired with anonymity, the casino operators can disappear with your money and leave you with no recourse.

Land-Based Casinos

Land-based casinos are brick-and-mortar gambling arenas in which the public can enter and gamble in the games offered as long as they are of age.

Las Vegas, Macau, and Monaco, are some of the most popular gambling destinations for those who live the real-life casino experience. The main downside with real casinos is that you need to either live near one to gamble regularly, or must be a regular traveler.

Private Casinos

Private casinos are land-based or online gambling arenas for which a membership is required in order to be allowed to play. Paris and London are popular for their private gambling scene with popular private casino rooms such as the Aviation Club de France in Paris, or Les Ambassadeurs in Central London.

Private casino memberships are often expensive and may require another member to vouch for you. Such gambling rooms are for high-rollers who enjoy privacy, safety, and high-stakes casino games.


Cardrooms are gaming establishments specialized in providing and hosting card games. Some card rooms are effectively poker rooms as they only offer poker tournaments and cash games. Others do offer blackjack, bridge, and many other popular card games.

Card rooms tend to be popular in cities where games of chance are disallowed because most casino card games are considered to be partly luck, and partly skill-based games – therefore allowed in such conservative cities!

High-Roller Casinos

high-roller casino, or VIP casino, is a private or public casino reserved for wealthy gamblers who can guarantee a minimum spend per session, or per year. High stakes casinos usually exist within regular casinos as a private room only accessible to rich players.