Everything to Know about Crypto Bingos: Types, Features, and More

everything to know about crypto bingos

Over the course of the long history of casinos, they have utilized a wide variety of games to offer customers entertaining experiences. Classics such as Poker, Blackjack, roulette or slot machines have maintained popularity and relevance for many decades now.

In addition to these, we have games such as bingo, with a sizable user base that continue playing their favorite game. Offering a simplistic, easy to digest rule set, paired up with the effective implementation of the random number generator (RNG) system, it not hard to see why the classic variant of bingo has gained and maintained a decent popularity rate amongst gamers.

Even with this popularity though, the game has seen many other variations, expanding or combining other elements from not only the casino industry, but also branching out to other aspects outside of the gambling world, all in the service of maximizing the entertainment value of the experience.

Below, we will go over the gist and the rule-set of not only the classic bingo game, but some of the more popular, newer variations as well, incorporating slot machines, and even crypto currencies.

Classic Bingo Game

Before moving on to crypto bingo types, it is important to get familiar with the rules of the classic variant of the game. To begin, the game transcends the borders of casino, and is often used for a much more casual experience, often not involving any financial aspects.

For those who want to spice up their games though, they indeed chose to play in establishments. In the general context, as well as in the context of casinos, bingo is quite simple. A player receives a bingo card, often of a 5 by 5 structure, with 1 open square in the middle, and 24 occupied with random numbers, each corresponding to the letters that make up the word “Bingo.”

As the random numbers are called out, a player checks to see if they have corresponding ones on their own Bingo card, marking it down if they do, and waiting for better luck on the next callout if they do not. In the most common case, a game completes once a player completes a diagonal pattern on their card, by marking down the numbers that matched the callouts in a diagonal pattern.

Of course, this specific pattern is not fixed amongst all casinos, and we often have differences in them, depending on how the game is set up. It is obviously very important for a player to be familiar with the pre-decided patter, to maximize their chances at winning.

Bingo Slots and the Crypto Bingo

For a lot of gamers, the classic bingo structure may be a bit vanilla, and they aim to spice up their experiences with other, slightly more dynamic games. Casinos quickly took note of this, as adaptation and change is quite common in the industry, and they have merged bingo with arguably the most popular of their games, slot machines.

Of course, this is in tandem with the more fundamental change that affects the industry as a whole, rather than one specific game, that change being the incorporation of cryptocurrencies into their system.

The merging of these elements is exactly what gave the players the innovative crypto bingo, sometimes also referred to as class two crypto slots. These machines merge the elements of the classic bingo that we talked about above, with the fundamental aspects of slot machines, and the reels, of course with the added diversity of deposit options in the form of cryptocurrencies.

For starters, the way in which class two slot machines combine and merge the elements we discussed is by running both the reels and the bingo game simultaneously. To expand, the bingo card for the player is usually present somewhere on the lower end of the machine, with the software of the slot machine running the random number generation in the background, as the reels spin on the main screen.

If both the reels and the card land into an advantageous pattern/combination, that typically signals good news for the gamer. However, it is important to re-iterate how these games tend to vary in some aspects and how it is always important to double check some specific rules that may differ from other establishments.

As for the relevance of crypto in all of this, it all comes from the traditional and already well-known pros of the currencies. Crypto bingos have access to a variety of new deposit options, in addition to the security of the blockchain. Overall, cryptocurrencies ideally offer a safer, quicker transaction methods, that are evidently attractive to the casino industry.


To wrap up, we have discussed and demonstrated how casinos grow and evolve in the current day, unforgiving and adapting market. Classic games often acquire new and interesting variations, and through this strategy, maintaining old player bases, and introducing new ones as well.

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Last Updated: December 11, 2023

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