3 Reel Slots

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Advantages and Disadvantages of 3 Reel Slots

The perks of these games also form the basis of the disadvantages. Below is a list of what we mean:

  1. These slot games have few visual elements, and this is great for those who are not looking for distractions while playing. This same feature contributes to the ease with which plays might get bored. This is likely to limit the amount of time one spends playing.
  2. The few reels, limited characters, and lack of video and animation elements make the games fast to get through. Most people who play these games appreciate the speed in a spin, but they might find the same feature repetitive. Although some games have bonus features, the player is rarely expecting any surprise elements to show up after a win, and one knows what to expect.
  3. The games are ideal for people who do not want to spend a lot. They require small stakes, and this allows you to regulate their expenditure in the casino, both online and on land. This, however, is disadvantageous because it limits the amount of money you can win. There are free 3 reel slots that are great if you are not seeking payouts. The low payouts when you are paying are discouraging to players. This, together with the low chances of landing the jackpot due to the few pay lines, makes the slots less enticing.

3 Reels Slots Bonuses

The bonuses for these 3 reel slots free games include:

    1. Wilds – they substitute all other symbols except other special ones such as the scatters. When you get a wild, your wins are double. Some games have specifications on the kind of gains you get from a different number of wilds. There are also betting requirements for you to get the prize.
    2. Scatters – these do not depend on combinations or placement to give you a win. An appearance guarantees you a bonus, mostly in the form of free games and spins.
    3. Jackpots – the jackpot is tied mostly to the wild. By landing the winning symbol, you stand a chance to make away with a handsome reward.