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How Fruit Machines Work

The way in which Fruit Machines work is quite different from casino slot machines, although both types of gaming machines are set to return a certain amount back to players by virtue of the payout percentages. Whilst casino slots are random, and play out in such a way where by you click the start button and the outcome is determined by a random number generator, Fruit Machines have a totally different game play structure and are programmed in such a way that they will play in cycles.
These cycles can often be described as pump and dump cycles. So, when a Fruit Machine is in a pump mode, that means it is going to be eating players stakes without giving them any worthwhile pay line winning combinations or bonus game payouts, and conversely when, it is in dump mode, it will fire out plenty of winning payouts.

The logic is that Fruit Machines work on strict payout percentage thresholds, a series of no or low payouts experienced by the player will result in the actual payout percentage of that game reaching such a low amount, that the payout percentage regulator built into the machines onboard processor decides that to comply with the laws in regards to payouts, it now has to payout x amount in payouts on the next session. So no matter how the slot is played, it will fire out win after win or jackpot after jackpot to correct the balance of the payout percentage to bring it back up.

This has led to some players being able to guess when a Fruit Machine should be played, by watching the machines in a bar, club or pub and watching other players shovelling pound after pound into them. They simply wait, and then jump on them when the time is right, and as night follows day, these professional Fruit Machine players (of which there are many) can bag a small fortune.

It is also possible to “force” a fruit machine to payout, this is done by simply playing it in such a way that you, for all intents and purposes, play it to lose. This may sound bizarre but by gambling every win that spins in via the games double or nothing (or similar) gamble feature, and continuing to do so, along with refusing any features that are offered or even by nudging in non paying combinations on purpose to the pay line. There will come a time when that slot machines payout percentage hits the minimum it is permitted, and therefore has to start banging out those winning combinations in an urgent attempt to bring the payout percentages back to legal limits. Top of the page

Strategy as a Fruit Slot Machine Cheat

This is something that we can all actually take advantage of, as long as it’s done correctly and ethically – and that’s using a strategy. Although it may seem odd to put a strategy onto a fruit slot machine cheats list, we’ve done so for a reason. While it’s not exactly a cheat, it does still work.

A fruit slot machine cheat in the form of a strategy is about as honest as cheats get – let’s be honest! Of course, slot games and wins are determined by algorithms, but it’s easy enough to spot patterns and play to them for the chance to win big in most cases.

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