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Dangerous Beauty Slot demonstrates that appearance can be lethal! High 5 has impeccably designed this captivating slot game with an exotic Asian assassin theme, offering thrilling and adrenaline-pumping entertainment with each spin. The inclusion of free spins, Wilds, Scatters, and other features makes Dangerous Beauty even more enticing and rewarding!

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Play Free Dangerous Beauty Slot for Fun

The Dangerous Beauty slot, developed by High 5 software company, revolves around the allure of beauty rather than actual danger, as the title suggests. As is typical of High 5 designs, the online slot features a sleek interface and well-defined reel lines.

The entire theme centers around traditional Japanese culture. When you spin the 5 reels, you’ll encounter stunning Japanese women wielding dangerous weapons such as katana and daggers. But fear not, for they also bring forth substantial amounts of gold.

In the land of the rising sun, nothing is beyond reach, so seize the opportunity to try your luck and aim for the jackpot. The game offers an array of fascinating and unique features, along with exciting bonus levels.

Atmosphere / Background

The game sets a perilous tone with its backdrop depicting a dark sky, a radiant moon, and mist, creating a sense of danger and mystery.

The combination of the moonlit sky and misty surroundings could easily suit a vampire or werewolf themed slot, adding to the game’s versatility.

Pagoda roofs at the top of the screen serve as the first hint that this is an Asian-themed slot, while the moss and rock elements at the bottom suggest a rural village setting.

Music and Sound Effects

The music accompanying the reel spins is a generic tune found in other High 5 slots. Although it somewhat fits the theme, it was not specifically composed for Dangerous Beauty.

Winning payouts offer a mix of generic sound effects and those that evoke an Asian cultural ambiance. The most distinctive sound effects are reserved for winning combinations involving the three woman symbols.

Triggering free games treats players to a fast-paced Asian tune that seamlessly aligns with the overall game theme.


Dangerous Beauty boasts several captivating animations during winning payouts. These include pink lights swirling around the woman symbol, yellow sparks shooting in front of the woman, green lights encircling the Free Games icon, and yellow lights revolving around the wild symbol.

The game features super stacked symbols, where a symbol can occupy up to 3 to 5 reels, leading to a dramatic close-up of the symbol as lights radiate along its edges.

Dangerous Beauty Slot  PayTable and Graphics

In the Dangerous Beauty slot, the symbols and payouts are presented below. One notable feature is that the same woman appears in three different symbols:

  1. Dangerous Beauty Icon Wild: The Dangerous Beauty icon serves as a wild symbol, substituting for all symbols except the green dragon to create winning combinations. It is the highest paying symbol in the game, granting 1,000 credits for 5 symbols on a pay line, 250 credits for 4 symbols, 50 credits for 3 symbols, and 10 credits for 2 symbols on any active pay line.
  2. Green Dragon Bonus: The green dragon appears exclusively on reels 2, 3, and 4. When stacked on all three middle reels, it triggers 7 free spins. However, the dragon itself does not offer any payouts.
  3. Woman in Black Kimono w/ Black Hair: This depiction of the woman, poised for an attack with her sword raised, awards 50 credits for 5 symbols, 19 credits for 4 symbols, 10 credits for 3 symbols, and 4 credits for 2 symbols.
  4. Woman in Red Kimono: Displaying the woman holding her sword with one hand, this symbol provides 40 credits for 5 symbols, 17 credits for 4 symbols, 8 credits for 3 symbols, and 3 credits for 2 symbols.
  5. Woman in Black Kimono w/ White Hair: In a less aggressive pose, this version of the woman holds an umbrella. It grants 30 credits for 5 symbols, 16 credits for 4 symbols, 6 credits for 3 symbols, and 2 credits for 2 symbols.
  6. Leopard, Panther: Although it is unclear whether the woman must protect her village from wild animals, a leopard and panther roam the nearby forest. Both symbols pay 20 credits for 5 symbols, 15 credits for 4 symbols, and 5 credits for 3 symbols.
  7. A: The letter A yields 15 credits for 5 symbols, 10 credits for 4 symbols, and 5 credits for 3 symbols.
  8. K: The letter K offers 14 credits for 5 symbols, 9 credits for 4 symbols, and 4 credits for 3 symbols.
  9. Q: The letter Q pays 13 credits for 5 symbols, 8 credits for 4 symbols, and 3 credits for 3 symbols.
  10. J: The letter J grants 12 credits for 5 symbols, 7 credits for 4 symbols, and 2 credits for 3 symbols.
  11. 10: The number 10 provides 11 credits for 5 symbols, 6 credits for 4 symbols, and 1 credit for 3 symbols.

Symbol Graphics

The three symbols depicting the woman showcase impressive attention to detail, capturing her various hair accessories and even a tattoo on her left arm. High 5’s decision to dress the woman in three different outfits/styles is reminiscent of the TV series Alias, adding a dynamic touch to the game.

Though not as intricately detailed as the woman symbols, the leopard and panther symbols still stand out with better visuals compared to those found in most slots.

Even the numbers and letters (A, K, Q, J, 10) are adorned with embellishments that exude an Asian vibe, enhancing the overall thematic experience.

Gameplay Dangerous Beauty Slot

The gameplay of Dangerous Beauty is adorned with a special group of cards, featuring scatter and wild symbols.

The scatter symbol, distinguished by its green color, appears exclusively on reels 2, 3, or 4. Although it does not possess a specific value, it holds a unique power that brings players closer to the grandest reward. When the scatter symbol aligns on reels 2, 3, and 4 simultaneously, the free games feature is triggered, granting up to 7 free spins. However, it’s worth noting that this feature cannot be reactivated even if the player fulfills the necessary conditions.

Easily recognizable by the Dangerous Beauty logo, the wild symbol is a prominent element of this slot and holds significant value as the highest paying symbol. The rewards for landing wild symbols are as follows:

  • 2 wild symbols: 10 credits
  • 3 wild symbols: 50 credits
  • 4 wild symbols: 250 credits
  • 5 wild symbols: The highest regular win, worth 1000 credits!

The wild symbol carries a special effect, which sets it apart from traditional slot games. During the free spins feature, it can substitute for all symbols, whereas in the regular game, it replaces all symbols except for the scatter.

Adding to the excitement is the super stack feature, where at the start of each round, one of the reels is filled with various symbols from the Dangerous Beauty slot machine.

Betting Options of Dangerous Beauty slot

In the Dangerous Beauty slot, you have the flexibility to adjust your pay lines from 1 to 40 in increments of 1, 10, 20, 30, and 40. Additionally, you can modify your coin denomination, ranging from $0.02 to $2.00.

This grants you the opportunity to place bets between a minimum of $0.02 and a maximum of $80.00 per spin. To cover all 40 pay lines with the minimum wager would cost you only 80 cents per spin.

Furthermore, some versions of the game offer an Auto-play feature, allowing you to automatically spin the reels for 5 to 25 spins with your chosen betting options. You can exit Auto-play at any time by pressing the button again.

Other Options

An interesting feature in this game is the ability to rewatch the previous spin by clicking the Replay button. This proves useful, especially when you achieve a super stacked symbol and wish to relive your significant win.

Moreover, you can control the sound settings with the speaker button located next to the Spin button, enabling you to turn the sound on or off according to your preference.

How to Win Frequency Dangerous Beauty Slot

The win frequency in Dangerous Beauty is moderate for a 40 pay line slot machine, which may come as a surprise given the abundance of stacked symbols that suggest frequent wins. However, players may encounter intermittent cold streaks, followed by instances of obtaining a couple of super stacked symbols or bonus rounds in quick succession.

Given the common occurrence of super stacks, it’s worthwhile to endure the occasional cold streaks for the chance to land substantial wins.

Return to Player (RTP)

The RTP for Dangerous Beauty stands at 94.9%, which falls slightly below the average for an online slot. This aligns with the observed win frequency in the game, providing a balanced gaming experience.

Comparison to Similar Slot Machines

Agent Jane Blonde:

Agent Jane Blonde is a 5-reel, 9-payline online slot centered around a secret agent resembling a female James Bond. Some of the sound effects during winning payouts closely resemble music from a Bond movie, adding to the espionage-themed ambiance.

Similar to Dangerous Beauty, this game features various symbols depicting Jane Blonde in different scenarios, such as wearing a handkerchief, standing by an airplane, donning a wetsuit, and snowmobiling. The reels also display weapons like a pistol and exploding gum.

Triggering 3 or more Jane Blonde icons anywhere on the reels activates 15 free spins. Like in Dangerous Beauty, these free games do not provide additional assistance in winning.

The graphics adopt a comic book style, which lends an interesting appeal to the game, particularly in showcasing the various poses of Jane Blonde.

In terms of symbols, limited bonuses, and solid graphics, Agent Jane Blonde and Dangerous Beauty are on par with each other, although they differ significantly in themes.

Zenia: Queen of War:

Zenia: Queen of War, a 5-reel, 100-payline slot, combines elements of Greek mythology and the TV series Xena: Warrior Princess.

Zenia appears as a stacked wild symbol, depicted riding a horse and clad in low-cut armor. The animation of her drawing her sword and galloping across a field is particularly impressive.

The game features beasts like the Minotaur and Manticore, as well as Zenia’s sword and throwing stars.

The symbols in Zenia: Queen of War boast better graphics overall than Dangerous Beauty, primarily due to the weapons and monsters looking more appealing.

Additionally, Zenia: Queen of War offers free spins, a Queen Jackpot, and a War Jackpot. The War Jackpot is larger and can only be won during free spins.

Dangerous Beauty and Zenia: Queen of War share numerous similarities, and neither slot seems to hold a significant advantage over the other. Both offer unique themes and appealing features, catering to different preferences among players.

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