Who Is NG Slot, And How Does It Net Worth?

who is ng slot net worth

NG Slot stands out as a well-known YouTube channel featuring Narek Gharibyan, an American content creator. Specializing in slot machine content, NG Slot showcases Narek’s gaming experiences and notable wins.

Residing in Nevada, Narek is a family-oriented individual, being a husband and father to three kids. Notably, he holds an unofficial record for achieving YouTube’s largest handpay jackpot.

With an estimated net worth of approximately $1.2 million, NG Slot has garnered significant earnings from his channel. This blog post delves into the factors that contributed to Narek’s and NG Slot’s popularity, exploring how he monetized his content, built a successful YouTube presence, and more. Stick around for the full story.

A Journey into the World of Casino Content Creation

Narek Ghabriyan, also known as NG Slot, relocated to the US in 2015, immersing himself in the world of slot machines and other popular casino games. While details about his early life remain elusive, his focus on gaming took center stage post-relocation.

Frequently venturing to neighboring cities to explore various casinos, Narek noticed a gap in the content available on platforms like YouTube. Dissatisfied with the existing material, he envisioned providing more insightful and valuable content to the audience.

This led to the inception of his YouTube channel, NG Slot, where he could share his firsthand gaming experiences. Over time, what started as a passion project evolved into his full-time profession. Today, NG Slot’s success is driven by his engaging audience interactions, significant wins, and high-limit slot gameplay, contributing to substantial monthly revenue for the channel.

The Ascendance of NG Slot: A YouTube Success Story

In recent years, NG Slot has witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity. With a substantial subscriber base exceeding 500k and an impressive total view count of 437 million, NG Slot has solidified its status as a premier destination for slot-based video content.

The channel’s success is attributed to NG Slot’s commitment to delivering informative and engaging content while fostering a positive community. Additionally, leveraging social media platforms to promote videos has played a pivotal role in enhancing the channel’s reach.

The exponential growth in subscribers is a testament to the channel’s rapid ascent. Remarkably, from a mere 100k subscribers in 2021, NG Slot has surged ahead to amass over 400k subscribers today, showcasing the phenomenal trajectory of its success.

Monetization Success: NG Slot’s Revenue Strategies

NG Slot stands out in the realm of slot-based YouTube channels for its consistent and effective monetization efforts. A closer look at its CPM (revenue per 1000 views) reveals rates surpassing the YouTube average, showcasing a strategic approach to maximizing earnings.

With an impressive monthly viewership of over 7.8 million, NG Slot generates substantial ad revenue, amounting to $20,000. Beyond ad revenue, Narek diversifies his income streams through live stream donations and affiliate marketing. Although NG Slot’s Patreon has a more modest following with only five subscribers, it remains another avenue contributing to the channel’s overall revenue.

Leveraging Affiliate Marketing: NG Slot’s Income Strategy

Renowned for its captivating slot machine videos, NG Slot has amassed over 400k subscribers, and today, it strategically harnesses the power of affiliate marketing to generate income.

Narek employs affiliate marketing by endorsing and showcasing products or services on his channel, earning a commission for every sale made through his unique affiliate links. This marketing technique serves to promote slot machines, their providers, and online casinos.

With each click on the affiliate link leading to a purchase, Narek receives a commission directly credited to his bank account. Affiliate marketing has evolved into one of NG Slot’s primary income sources, allowing Narek to focus on expanding his subscriber base by consistently delivering top-notch, unbiased reviews of slots and online casinos.

Building Community Loyalty: NG Slot’s Interactive Approach

NG Slot’s steadfast commitment to interacting with its audience has been pivotal in cultivating a dedicated fan base. Narek takes advantage of live streaming on the channel, offering viewers the opportunity to share experiences, pose questions, and engage in real-time during his slot gameplay sessions.

In addition to regular live streams, NG Slot sponsors various events and contests, providing viewers with opportunities to win rewards. The channel consistently impresses its audience through these special events, giveaways, and interactive live-streaming sessions. This proactive approach to community engagement has solidified NG Slot’s reputation, establishing a strong and loyal audience base.

Adapting for Sustainability: NG Slot’s Revenue Diversification

diversification and growth ng slot

Recognizing the need for revenue stream diversification a few years ago, NG Slot embarked on a journey beyond YouTube’s earning options to meet the growing demand for gambling-based content. With the goal of generating additional funds for content creation, Narek introduced Patreon memberships and merchandise sales.

This strategic move not only provided NG Slot with supplementary income but also reduced dependency on YouTube for sustainability. In a bid to cultivate a more loyal and engaged audience, NG Slot began crafting unique content exclusively for its Patreon subscribers.

Acknowledging the dynamic nature of the online content creation landscape, NG Slot, under Narek’s guidance, remains flexible and adaptive. The channel’s commitment to revenue diversification, coupled with the creation of exclusive content for subscribers, reflects a proactive approach to staying resilient in the ever-changing world of online content.


NG Slot’s rapid rise to prominence serves as a compelling illustration of how dedication, creativity, and thoughtful content creation can propel one to the pinnacle of success on the YouTube platform. With a modest dream and a handful of videos, Narek initiated his NG Slot journey on YouTube.

The determined and devoted creator, Narek, now boasts over 400k subscribers, firmly establishing his presence in the online gaming community. NG Slot’s trajectory serves as an inspiration for aspiring content creators, showcasing how concerted efforts and unwavering dedication can turn dreams into reality.

For slot enthusiasts seeking live gameplay, insightful reviews, and a vibrant online community, NG Slot stands out as the go-to destination. Subscribe to NG Slot to stay abreast of the latest developments in the casino and slot industry. Engage with Narek during live streams for a chance to win exciting giveaways and prizes. That concludes the journey with NG Slot!

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